The crew at CS91 are pleased to be involved with Dave Alley’s, Race-Around Australia 2 event. This crazy individual is attempting to run around Australia. Yes, that is right Dave is expecting to complete a 14200km journey following the A1 National Route around the mighty nation of Australia. In doing so, Dave is expected to complete a double marathon a day for approximately 178 days.

I know, you’re all saying is this guys for real? Well in fact yes. Three years ago he biked around Australia setting records as well.

Dave does this for the athletic endeavour but also for very good cause. He and his team are raising money and awareness for the White Cloud Foundation a group that helps increase resources and improve access to support for people, families and carers who live with depression in Australia.

Dave’s journey is going to be tough and arduous both physically and mentally, so in these times we at CS91 are glad Dave has turned to us to outfit him in cool moisture wicking running attire and with our range of compression gear.

Keep a track on Dave’s training and journey by visiting