Sport around the world is entirely cyclical. Winners turn to losers and easy beats to champions given time and resources. The West Indies once ruled over all in the cricket world, the West Indies cricket teams have struggled over the past decade for any semblance of power and results. Australian cricket also had its highly successful periods with teams led by Bradman, Taylor and Waugh. These once almighty sides, have been replaced by a team that has not won a test match in the past ten matches, before victory in the First Ashes Test in Brisbane. And they did it with a decidedly ‘Old school’ approach.

Off field homework was in evidence with a plan for every situation, for every opposition batsman and for every opposition bowler. Strategic and well-conceived. On field, guileful spin bowling, hairy chested, intimidatory fast bowling and athletic fielding combined for exemplary execution and eventually, a well-deserved and stunning victory. But for all the bluff, bravado and success there was a nagging feeling that the sledging, a key plank in what Steve Waugh called ‘mental disintegration’ went a little too far, looked a little bit ugly. Though it definitely unsettled the old enemy. A questioned needs to be asked, is this too higher a price for victory? Then again, one swallow doesn’t make the summer…… Love the Ashes!

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