CS91 has taken its first steps into the European sporting market by designing and supplying the kit for a multi-sports club in England.

Olympic Catuvellauni, who have handball and futsal clubs, is structured around modern beliefs and values, and was founded in June 2013 after being inspired by the staging of the London 2012 Olympics.

The Oly Cats teams will wear the fashionable black shirt, featuring white and gold central stripes, for the first time at the weekend when both sports teams are in competition.

CS91 owner Glenn Lewis said: “It is a big day for CS91 and one we are delighted to share with Olympic Catuvellauni.

“We are excited to launch the kit and enter the English sporting scene. The business has been going from strength to strength in Australia and expanding into Europe was always something we aspired to.

“CS91 is a company always looking to improve and move forward with clubs who are making a difference, the ethos at Olympic Catuvellauni of improving the quality of developing sports is one we can relate with.”