Sport is played everywhere. Soon as you pick a ball and throw it to your mate you have become involved in a fraternity or brotherhood that makes exercising fun. The supporting public have had an unquenchable need to know more, to see more to take part in more. As such the electronic media has made the world smaller. Sports that are or were intrinsically national or specific to a region are now available to a much wider audience or participant.

We would all agree the intricacies of the sport of Curling would have been missed by the average punter had it not been for the world media. Such finesse, grace and precision. It reminds us little of an icy lawn bowls game but played by a much younger playing roster. Isn’t it great to have exposure to so many different sports that are played around the world, we can simply just turn on the little box or sometimes our great plasma behemoth flat screen and we can capture all the frailties and skills of any contest available in the world. Sports such as Basque Pelota, Underwater Hockey, Wife Carrying or Lingerie Football are available for viewing and participating (you wish). However, you don’t even need to go to that obscure to find great sport’s played by the best. Basketball, Baseball and Gridiron are played to near fanaticism in the US and are great viewing, such theatre that only the American’s can do. But talking of great sports let’s not forget Dodgeball, are we not better people for knowing and seeing this sport. It reminds us of the school playground and the great game of brandings that we played as youngsters, until at least it became outlawed by those pesky do-gooder teachers, but put more simply why doesn’t everybody just dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge anymore these days.

So when you walk down to the park with your son or daughter to kick the footy or throw a ball, enjoy it, you are introducing your family to the world of sport. Let them dream, …..the dream of being the best player to grace a cricket field, let them enjoy,… the joy of the friendly competition of family on that indoor table tennis table in the garage. Let them learn,….learn that non-descript sport that originated in Eastern Mongolia that they watched on cable TV last month or just maybe they will own their own High Definition Flat Screen TV and just have a love of sport both near and far.

Just gotta love sport.