Proud Dad and owner of S+P Lawyers Ballina Adam Gibbs wanted to encourage his son’s team of champion rugby players to go far and beyond. He approached two equally minded parents namely Jeremy Rutledge from Asset Advisory Property Consultants (Property Valuers) and Dave McInnes of Lennox Point Bakery Cafe and asked for our help at CS91 to manufacture a team training jerseys for their U/11’s chargers.

As an avid supporter of the Lennox Trojans Rugby Club, CS91 also provided financial assistance to make the young Trojans feel that little bit more “Trojanish”.

They certainly look grand in the jerseys, I wonder how long they will remain clean? Who cares, get stuck in boys.

CS91 giving every player that simple advantage of looking good while getting dirty, sorry mum and dad.

So if wish to get some legal advice and a value on that loaf of bread and coffee your purchasing make sure you look up Asset Advisory Property Consultants, Lennox Point Bakery Café and S+P Lawyers Ballina they have their hearts and pockets in the right areas.