The consumer testing for CS91’s new single gym wear items has been very productive and we are grateful for the constructive feedback received.

Working with individual gym goers, as well as the gyms themselves, we have been seeking a wide range of feedback to the early prototypes, sourcing opinion on everything from the design and range of colourways, through to the material and choice of cuts.

The overall response has been positive and CS91 are pleased to confirm plans to launch a full range of gym wear for women in the coming months.

Director Glenn Lewis commented: “We are targeting everyone from a gym regular to someone who is starting out at the gym for the first time in a long time and getting back into it, it is for those who think, ‘I deserve to feel good when I’m doing my gym session’.

“The demands for the product from the consumer have changed over time. It has become a practical fashion accessory, it isn’t just to run and sweat in anymore. It needs to look good and it needs to do something that it didn’t a few years ago, back then some people would purchase gym wear just because it looked good, or the price was right but now they can have it all.

“Gym wear isn’t just for the gym anymore; people will wear it to go for a coffee in, or to go shopping in after their workout. The feedback we have had has meant we have constantly adjusted our approach and as a result of that, we are confident we are bringing the functional product to consumers that they want. Something that services their everyday needs.

“The feedback has been great, some alterations have to be made, based on some positive recommendations and that will be reflected in the range that goes live.”

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