Our new range of women’s single gym wear items will soon be available to purchase from our online shop at cs91.com.au.

The products are expected to be in stock from the end of March and available to buy online shortly afterwards.

Director Jake Lewis explained: “We are going to be launching a little later than initially planned however this has been our decision rather than a delay forced on us. We were keen to make sure the product is absolutely spot on and we felt a little more time evaluating a couple of factors in the design was time well spent.

“A lot of the competition in this market doesn’t cater for the full range of sizes the female body comes in. This was an influential factor in our initial research, the choice for the larger lady is limited in comparison to the smaller sizes. Women are telling us they don’t have enough choice. Our range is for more than just the standard sizes. It shouldn’t be a case that if you don’t fit this, you can’t have it.

“We have high expectations our products will be well received when they go on sale and we can’t wait to get the new CS91 gym wear range out there.”

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